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Do You Realize How Important Your Online Reputation Is?

Do you know what customers, business partners and prospects see about you or your company when they Google your name or the company’s name?

You know the old saying – “a dis-satisfied customer will talk with 20 people and while a satisfied one tells no one.” Not anymore! With the Internet – a bad rating, review or comment can be seen by thousands of customers and prospects for years!

Do you have a way of monitoring what dis-satisfied customers, ex-employees, even competitors are saying about you online?

Search engine results can stay with your company for years. This includes good results as well as bad results. You can’t just call Google and ask them to remove something. It just doesn’t work that way.

What Can Be Done to Protect Your Reputation Online

The only way to stop negative results from showing up at the top of Google results for your name or your company’s is to make sure positive results are more highly ranked. Basic SEO and search engine domination strategy and tactics.

If you want a competitive evaluation of your online reputation and a discussion of how to protect it from harm, contact us today at 877-657-5413. Only the best Atlanta SEO Company can also use SEO to protectyour online reputation and your business.

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