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Is Pay-per-Click (PPC) Advertising Right for Your Business?

Many business owners use Google Adwords, and/or Bing or Yahoo PPC advertising to get new customers on the search engines. Some may even have tried Facebook or even Yelp PPC advertising.

Why? Because your business' website doesn’t rank high enough in Google, Bing or Yahoo to deliver all the new customers you need.

If it did rank high enough, you would have an option to forego the added expense of PPC advertising and still get new customers from online visibility and marketing.

But if you don’t rank at the top and have an excellent organic ad message, then you can’t take advantage of the value of ranking at the top on Google (see Google Page 1 Ranking Value).

So what should you do?

Buy Your Website Traffic

Think of it this way, invisibility on the search engines is like a terminal illness. If you don’t treat it, it will strangle and possibly kill your business. The treatment for it is either SEO and SEM - or PPC.

SEO and SEM, performed expertly and consistently by the SEO experts at Local Mobile Social will get you top rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo. The more effort you allow us to put into it, the faster it will happen and keep happening as long as we keep it up.

Rent Your Website Traffic

In contrast, PPC can deliver immediate and fast results, but is far less cost effective over the long term compared to SEO – SEM - unless the new customer value is so high that you can afford to compete in both search engine markets – the 75% of new customers that choose from the organic search results and the 25% that choose from the PPC advertising results.

But if you have decided your business needs to get more new customers today – what can you do then?

Our PPC experts can research, develop, setup, manage and report on your expert PPC ad campaign for your businesses.

Each campaign must be managed by location and for each line of business that targets different customers because they are using different (but related) search keywords or phrases when searching on the Internet for your products or services.

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