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The Sea Change in B2B Sales to Online

If your business is selling your products or services to other businesses, then we know you've seen this shift– your sales cycle is taking longer, and there is a definite shift in how your customers buy.

Your customer's employees are taking great pains to "make sure I buy the right thing" as everyone is trying to avoid the risk of losing their job or their business. This make B2B selling harder than ever. But it also creates a fantastic opportunity for businesses that understand how their B2B customer buying behavior has changed and how they can leverage that change.

The figures below from a recent business survey show that B2B buyers now rely more ever on content(meaning SEO and SEM are required to influence this factor), conversation (meaning social media marketing and management is required to manage this factor) and peer recommendations (meaning reviews or reputation management is required to manage this factor) in their buying decision.

The New B2B Decision Making Process

  • 48% utilized a wider variety of information sourcesduring the elongated buying process than during previous purchases
  • 48% spent more time researching their buying options
  • 36% conducted more detailed analysis of costs/ROI than previously
  • 30% sought more internal team member input
  • 27% relied more heavily on live customer testimonials and reviews

Influences in the New B2B Buying Process

  • 78% started with informal information gathering via online resources

  • 59% engaged with peers to get feedback
  • 48% followed industry conversations on their vendors, products or services
  • 44% anonymously conducted research of their targeted vendors
  • 41% followed discussions in social media or forums to learn more about their targeted products, services or company
  • 37% sought suggestions/feedback on social networking sites looking by posting questions
  • More than 20% connected directly with their chosen vendors

Visual Representation of the Elongation in the New B2B Sales Cycle

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